Make Winter Break a joke at Comedy Camp!

 Our highly trained comedian coaches help your kids find the humour in a tough year, make new friends, and discover their unique comedic voice!

 Stand Up For Student Well-Being has helped countless kids across Canada find the funny all around them with our unique  virtual comedy camps with games, activities and interactive lessons designed to help your children write and perform their own jokes, and most importantly, meet friends and have fun! 

Our new WINTER BREAK CAMP will run over two weeks on these specific dates:  Dec 21 and 22, and then Dec 28, 29 & 30th = 5 days. This special format will be lots of fun in the holidays! and… We will be offering a MARCH BREAK CAMP too!

Virtual camps take place over 5 days with an hour of instruction each day Monday to Friday. with three affordable and convenient time slots for your convenience. You will need to choose and register for a specific week and time slot – either 1:00 PM EST, 4 :00 PM  EST or 7:00PM EST. 

 The four camps listed below will run through the fall, winter, spring and next summer. 

To register, please click on this link and complete this REGISTRATION FORM.  

 A) Kids’ Comedy Camp for ages 11-14 – our original camp still going strong! This is the basic starting place.  

B) Kids’ Comedy Camp for ages 15-17 – activities and content for older teens 

C) Improv Comedy Camp – for a group of kids to play together while learning improv for ages 11-17 
D) Sketch Comedy Camp – write and perform comedy for a small group of kids from ages 11-17  

Kids can also repeat a camp for even more experience! 

 Coming in 2021!  More new formats are in the works – so stay tuned!  Check back to see what’s new as the months progress. 

We also welcome inquiries for custom-made programs for your group and students who are learning virtually with a teacher

or students learning in-person with a teacher all with ZOOM technology.








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