Summer Comedy Camps

In Person Comedy Camps for Kids 10-15 years old| Check out our summer flyer!

OUR GOAL is to bring back the laughter and inspire hope in summer 2022. Now more than ever, our summer comedy camps are vital to foster well-being through comedic self-expression, guiding youth through this difficult transition of the pandemic so they can LAUGH MORE & WORRY LESS.

Summer Camp Dates & Locations:

Red Sandcastle Theatre

922 Queen St East, Toronto M4M 2J5
July 25-29 for 10-13 year olds
August 8-12 for 13-15 year olds
*maximum 20 youth per camp.

Northumberland Players Youth Theatre

213 2nd St, Cobourg K9A 3N7
July 18-22 for 10-13 year olds
August 15-19 for 13-15 year olds
*maximum 20 youth per camp.

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Summer 2022 Flyer

Our Line-Up of Comedy Programs

StandUP Comedy Camp for ages 11-14 and ages 15-17 – our original camp still going strong! This is the basic starting place. Help your child uncover their unique voice with this online, five-day stand-up comedy camp! This program focuses on exploring self-expression through fun activities, exercises and guidance from our trained coaches to help each camper develop and perform their very first stand-up comedy routine. The program culminates in an online show hosted by the coaches where our campers make their stand-up comedy debut!

Improv Comedy Camp – for a group of kids to play together while learning improv for ages 11-17
This energetic, collaborative and fun camp teaches important improv philosophies that translate into positive life skills, such as the “Yes And” approach. During this five-day online program, campers will have opportunities to perform in many different short-form improv scenes, and develop their unique sense of humour in a nurturing and collaborative environment. The camp culminates in a class show where students perform a selection of improv games for their friends and family!

Sketch Comedy Camp – write and perform comedy for a small group of kids from ages 11-17
For the budding writer, our five day Sketch Comedy Camp walks campers through the process of creating their own sketch scenes. Fun and engaging activities will help our campers discover how to structure sketches, populate them with memorable characters, and explore topics that are relevant to their interests and comedic voice. The camp culminates in a showcase where campers perform their sketch creations for friends and family!

Meme Comedy Camp – Internet memes have helped us connect with each other, express ourselves, and get through a global pandemic. They’re also hilarious. This course explores what exactly memes are, beyond a picture on a screen, what makes them work & how they spread. We use classic meme templates to explain joke-writing principles and formulas that can be used in all areas of comedy writing. By the end of the week, students will be able to create and share their own memes with each other and the world.

Our Comedian Coaches

We are pleased to introduce you to our line-up of professional comedian coaches. Get to know them by reading their biographies and watching their introduction video.

Learn more about Stand-Up For Student Well-Being

Want to learn more about Stand-Up For Student Well-Being’s mission and approach to working with kids? We invite you to watch our video.