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Meet our Executive Director and our highly committed Board of Directors.


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Sue Stephenson, M.Ed.

Executive Director and Founder – 647.400.2801

Susan Stephenson, (aka Sue) loved going to school so much (no kidding around) that she became a teacher, then a consultant and then a principal —over a 35 year career in four school boards in Ontario in elementary and secondary schools. A highlight in her career was  being the founding principal of North Kipling JMS which became the lighthouse school for this program. Since “retiring” from Toronto District School Board she has become an author of four books on trust, laughter, humour and happiness. She is excited to see her work take a new direction as a charity to bring Stand UP for Student Well-Being to youth in more schools. She is not joking when she says we all need to lighten up, laugh more and live on the bright side of life. Sue is the author of the book Kidding Around: connecting kids to happiness, laughter and humour. She is a Certified Laughter Leader – Expert with the World Laughter Tour and a Member of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Sarb Chema

Sarb Cheema

Chair of the Board and Founding Board Member

Sarb Cheema is a Partner with Clearhouse LLP a Mississauga based accounting firm. Sarb is also one of the founding board members of SUSWB. Sarb serves as the right arm to charitable organizations and professionals in the fields of construction, law, and technology, as well as other professional services. A Sarb of all trades, he took the lead role as project manager in building and designing of the Clearhouse offices, as he feels their environment is important to clients. Sarb has been part of many construction projections from hotels, commercial plazas, apartment buildings, and custom residential homes. Outside of devising sustainable tax strategies and perusing CRA releases for leisure, Sarb plays hockey and is a vested husband and father.

Priya Talati

Priya Talati


Priya Talati (Vice-Chair) is an Associate Manager at Clearhouse LLP, focusing on a wide range of financial reporting and tax compliance services for small-to-mid enterprise clients. Along with focusing on clients, Priya is committed in maintaining a positive and strong mentor role to her team to help strengthen their skillset and grow as one. Before this role, Priya dedicated her time to a few associations including a Centre for children with autism, and fundraising for a women’s shelter. Priya is excited to join Stand Up for Student Well Being as a board member as she’ll have an opportunity to combine her passion for accounting and support with the direction of the charity.

Gurjit Nahal

Gurjit Nahal


Gurjit Nahal is a dynamic professional working in the world of Accounting. As a leader Gurjit is motivated and always learning from new experiences and challenges. She has a strong commitment to her personal and professional goals and is never afraid to go the extra mile. As a board member of Stand Up for Student Well Being, Gurjit is excited to embrace the future and contribute to the growth of the organization. From her strong educational background to her dedication to working out and playing with her puppy, Gurjit is a proponent of hard work without taking herself too seriously.

George Limberis

Board Member

George is a Partner with SIMPSONWIGLE LAW, whose practice focuses on commercial litigation and complex commercial disputes. He has acted on behalf of individuals, privately held corporations and publicly traded corporations.  He has been active in the community and says, “I believe in being an active participant in my community. You cannot take without giving back. Otherwise, as a society we will never push ahead.” George grew up in Montreal and now lives in Hamilton, ON.

The Associations he belongs to include: The Law Society of Ontario and Canadian Bar Association. He is on the Board of Directors of the Ronald McDonald House of South Central Ontario and was Former President, Ronald McDonald House of South Central Ontario.  George was honoured to receive the Ontario Volunteer Service Award, 2017.

Thanks for Founding Board Members Ardeth Staz and Doug Cornell who have retired from the Board!